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We are a community of people who share the same passion, desire and enthusiasm about living life. Squeezing out every last drop it has to offer. We are people who set goals and chase dreams. We are full of ambition, determination and devotion. We put in the extra effort, make difficult sacrifices and most important get right back up when we’re knocked down. Failure is not an option!! When there is a problem, we find a solution, NO EXCUSES!! We participate, engage, experience and risk. We have beliefs, values, principles, morals and integrity. And at the end of our existence we will look back at all our accomplishments and have NO REGRETS!! knowing that we never stopped trying and never stopped living!!

Life is an amazing gift full of opportunities presented before us each day. It should have meaning and purpose. We as humans are incredible creatures with astonishing capabilities. Look at the development of the world over the past 2000 years, we keep changing and evolving. What is your role in this process? We will never stop growing or improving unless we choose to. Be a part of innovation, take advantage of all we have access to today. Don’t let life pass you by, put the world on your plate and try everything!!

Together we will share our goals and dreams, our ideas and support, our enthusiasm and energy. We will plan activities, trips, events and gatherings. We will share experiences and build memories. We will help others and give all that we have to offer. We will be people of action and not just words. We will continue to grow and improve each day, becoming the persons we wish to become. And through all of this we will experience a quality of life beyond the unimaginable!! Need I say more!!

"The way in which most people are controlled by society"
Ever come across this situation: You offer someone a taste of a new food they have never had. They either immediately ask what it is or take a taste then ask what it is. If they try they say “yum that’s great what is it?” You then tell them that it is something very different like “monkey liver”. They immediately go “ewwwwww that’s disgusting!” or if that they refused to eat till they knew what it was you might get the same response without even tasting and the dish could be more delightful than a piece of chocolate cake! So because “monkey liver” is typically unheard of for a meal or because others deem it “disgusting”, most people would not eat. Yet our society has no problem with blue cheese (old MOLDED cheese), hot dogs ( ground remains of pigs head and feet) and sausages ( where the casing is actually the INTESTINE of the pig or better described as the poop track!). How does it make any sense to refuse the monkey liver but eat everything else. Well people go with society, they do not think for themselves. And food is far from the only example I have but the easiest to show you. We need to be “free thinkers” do what we want, what we like not just do what everyone else is doing, that is very sad but the way of life for most people! If you follow the crowd in the U.S. you will end up poor, overweight, very unhealthy, stressed out and unhappy. Go after what is different, stand out from the crowd and be the one everyone talks about, good or bad as long as you think for yourself and live your own life!!
Anthony Massad
"TAKE ACTION" two extremely important words, one extremely important step that the majority of people miss. I always hear talk talk talk talk talk……. Everyone can talk but it’s about putting those words into action!! It’s very easy to move your lips and there is not much credit to be given for that. Let’s see some action, the time is now!! If you do not take action immediately, you probably are not gonna take it at all. What is there to wait for, get the ball rolling!! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ideas, goals or dreams!!! It takes time, weeks, months and usually years for the big ones!! And it takes consistent efforts on a regular basis, can’t all be squeezed into one weekend. Things take time to grow and develop, adjustments need to be made, problems must get fixed. So don’t be a procrastinator, you will only end up being that person who always says "I was gonna…… But……" . Take that phrase out of your brain, along with "I can’t" " I don’t know how" "I wish" and especially "I don’t have time" that is the worst, we all have time and plenty of it unless you are on your death bed. Get rid of the excuses and start living, we have one life and it will fly by without you if you let it, IT DOES NOT WAIT FOR YOU!!!!! See you on the road to success!!
Sincerely yours,
Take Action
Anthony Massad @ No Excuses No Regrets
Life is complicated, it really is. So many choices and so many options to consider, how do you know you’ve made the right ones? Is there a such thing as the “right” one? There are definitely some wrong decisions made but they are much more obvious I believe. Regret is an awful feeling to live with and something I’ve experienced a lot of in my time. I would like to avoid that feeling as much as possible in my future but you cannot always tell wen a decision will lead you to regret. I guess it can’t always be joy and happiness, we have to deal with some pain, anger and sorrow as well. Just part of life, right?? I know you have no clue to as what I am talking about in this post because the details are too personal at this point, maybe another time. I just wanted to express some thoughts on a situation at hand right now, it’s a big change to deal with and process. Only time will tell if my decision is “right” right?? Haha, yeah we will see, just need to find and focus on the positive! There is always a positive, it’s just not that easy to see sometimes. But I’ll find it, that’s how I get through this stuff. Thanks for reading my pointless dribble, next post will have a little more to offer, I promise!
Deep Within

We need to exercise our brains just as we need to with our bodies in order to keep sharp!! Getting old is not an excuse to get dumb!!

Lack of mobility as we age is a direct result of lack of flexibility!! A regular routine of stretching is vital to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Over time your muscles conform and tighten based on the routine motions you perform each day. For example, if the most activity your legs get is walking and never experience the range of motion of a squat or lunge, then taking a step will be the extent of your legs capabilities without strain or massive pain the following days. You must extend all muscles through their full range of motion through exercises. So these exercises PLUS a full routine of stretching. Muscles tighten if not used and tighten even more during exercise. So stretching is even more important if you workout regularly. Incorporating this into your life will ensure more capabilities regardless of age. Our bodies only age and deteriorate if we let them, SO DONT LET THEM!!
It’s sad to see that health falls so low on most people’s list of priorities in life. Great health can positively affect every other area of your life. When you experience a high level of quality health, you have unlimited energy, your memory works better, you think more clearly and quickly and you have a more positive mood to spread to others. You can imagine how this will improve your performance at work, create better relationships, allow you to get more done with your time and experience happiness at a more consistent level. Sound good to you?? Start to put your health first, not your job, boyfriend or girlfriend or even your family. Improving your health is going to have a positive effect on all those other priorities in your life. And I don’t just mean hitting the gym or cutting back on crappy foods. Good health entails much much more than that!! Don’t know what I mean? Feel free to ask, but take the initiative to care about your own life and take control, no excuses!!

Life offers you anything imaginable, the question is what are you willing to do to get it!! check this out!!

Yes, I like animals!! very much soo!!

Yes, I like animals!! very much soo!!